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Vehicle Preparation for Holiday Travel

Is your vehicle road-ready for your travels this holiday season? Here are five things you should check before hitting the road.

  • Check your tire pressure. Improper tire inflation is a significant cause of tire blowouts and premature tire replacement. Having to stop and change out a flat tire is the last thing you want to do on the way to your holiday destination, so make sure to fill your tires up with the proper amount of air before leaving for your trip.
  • Schedule an oil change. Ideally, your vehicle’s oil should be changed every 3,000 - 5,000 miles. If you know that you’re getting close to that point, it’s best to go ahead and schedule an oil change before you leave for your trip. Fresh oil in your vehicle can help lubricate your engine, improve gas mileage, and reduce emissions while on the road.
  • Inspect your brakes. If your brakes are starting to make whining or grinding sounds when you stop, don’t wait until after your trip to examine your brakes. Having brakes that work correctly helps keep you safe and secure on the road.
  • Examine fluid levels. Fluids like oil and coolant help keep your vehicle running smoothly and prolong the longevity of your vehicle when kept at proper levels. Have your mechanic check all the fluid levels in your vehicle before you head out on your long trip.
  • Make repairs and replacements. If your vehicle needs minor repairs or replacements such as a broken taillight or worn-down windshield wipers, make sure you take care of these before your trip. Ensure that your vehicle is in full repair to get your family to their destination safely!

Don’t take a chance on your car’s maintenance this holiday season. By regularly maintaining your vehicle, you are less likely to have issues, allowing you to spend more time enjoying the season with your loved ones. Safe travels!

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