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Phone A Pro

Professional Consulting

Is your company without a designated human resource professional, or perhaps a small HR department that must wear many hats? Are you an HR professional in need of a trusted advisor to discuss difficult situations? If so, there have likely been many times in which you’ve wondered how best to handle a certain situation or even if you need to contact/retain an employment attorney.

Many organizations, like yours, can benefit from ongoing HR support from outside the organization. ProValue Insurance is proud to offer Phone A Pro, a resource that provides you with HR support just a click or call away.

How It Works

Phone A Pro is ideal for organizations of all sizes, from the small company where the owner/manager is also the HR person to the large company with hundreds of employees that would like other professional HR staff to speak with.

Our clients have found that Phone A Pro reduces cost by eliminating the need for another HR professional on staff, while they benefit from expert HR support at the same time.

The Phone A Pro support service provides telephone, email and text-message HR consulting regarding:

  • HR compliance
  • Hiring and termination recommendations
  • Coaching through difficult employee situations
  • Employee management
  • Recommendations on documentation
  • Best practice advice tailored to the company’s needs

The organization may identify up to three representatives to serve as points of contact for accessing the Phone A Pro HR support service.

The Benefits of Phone A Pro

Ever-changing employment laws make Phone A Pro the ideal service for clients seeking peace of mind and guidance when working through compliance issues. The convenience of connecting with one of our HR experts results in substantial time and cost savings.

  • Expert HR Support
  • Quick and Convenient
  • Peace of Mind
  • Compliance Assurance
  • Time Savings
  • Cost Savings

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